The Life Sciences Industry

The Life Sciences Industry

This time of year, many life sciences and engineering graduates are looking for options to start a career.  Many students, recent graduates or entry levels are exploring the life sciences sector for their professional development or start their career path.  The life sciences and/or biomedical industry represents sectors such as the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnology manufacturers.

The life sciences and biomedical industry is based on the application of knowledge in the development of innovative products for the prevention and treatment of health conditions.

It is an interdisciplinary industry with the interaction of different branches of sciences such as biology, medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, biotechnology, and pharmacology among other fields.

Sciences and engineering knowledge are integrated to develop innovative products.   Several multinational companies are engaged in research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of products focused on the prevention and treatment of diseases. The life sciences / biomedical industry is driven by education, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

It is composed of different sectors which includes research facilities, universities, hospitals, medical schools, biomedical researchers, pharmaceuticals and medical devices manufacturers, biotechnology companies, testing laboratories and others interested in obtaining knowledge and develop applications. Research is actively conducted to search and develop new products and technologies that can be used to cure, treat, protect, and improve health.

The sector is widely distributed in the United States and around the world. The biomedical industry plays an important role as an economic engine in many states and countries. Individuals working in this sector have the satisfaction of being able to support and contribute to the global health and welfare. We are in a global market. The products manufactured are distributed to different parts of the world.  Even the services provided can be extended globally.

The Life Sciences Industry Workforce:

This industry employs highly educated and trained workers. Personnel with different backgrounds and areas of expertise work together to achieve common objectives, goals, and metrics.  You need to be a team player to survive on this environment. A teamwork approach is required for the success of individuals and the organization.

Professionals with a wide range of experience works in the sector, such as, for example, laboratory technicians, microbiologists, chemists, biotechnologists, scientists, and engineers. Individuals with a background in business and management can explore opportunities in finance, operations, supply chain and sales.

The average salary of the personnel working in this industry tends to be relatively higher than in other industries due to the highly specialized training and skills required. People working in this sector are continuously trained in topics related to the sciences and technology associated to their products, quality and regulatory aspects, process improvement methodologies, and project management, among other subjects required for a high-performance execution.

It is a complex industry in terms of product diversity, technologies, therapies, customers, requirements, and regulations. This industry is based on the development and use of biomedical knowledge, engineering, discoveries, and scientific innovation. The workforce actively searches to understand how to use the knowledge and discoveries to create products that can improve health, develop new technologies and improve existing ones.

Like any global company, Organizations seek to be the first to bring a product to the market, to expand their scope, product portfolio, and return on investment to their shareholders, and simultaneously, improve health and quality of life.

This is performed in compliance with regulations and the highest quality standards.

It is a highly challenging, focused on the talent and development of their personnel.  Therefore, if you are motivated by the challenges, continuous learning, add value, striving to the excellence and contribute to the global healthcare, this industry is a career option for you.

Entrepreneurship journey

Welcome to this blog series focused on people starting their entrepreneurship journey! I will be sharing the knowledge obtain through this entrepreneurship day to day journey.  Follow us on this journey. Let’s get to know some basic concepts that can help us in our goal. Step by Step!

Bienvenidos a este blog dirigido a individuos que comienzan su viaje empresarial. Estaré compartiendo los conocimientos obtenidos en el día a día, a través de este camino hacia el emprendimiento.  Síguenos en este viaje. Conozcamos de conceptos básicos que nos pueden ayudar en nuestra meta. Paso a paso.

The world has reinvented…it’s time for entrepreneurs!

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world and the way we do business.  It has forced us to maintain a physical distance. People stopped meeting… they stopped going to public places and avoiding direct contact with other people. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, for a moment, there was a global pause. Education (or at least attending educational institutions), business, trade, commerce, the way of doing business stopped. 

We soon realized our new reality.  We understood that we could not stop moving. The world continues to move.  We had no choice but to innovate and reinvent ourselves.   We began to familiarize ourselves with new terms and practices, such as remote work, virtual work, and online shopping.

The market for education, training and seminars shifted from face-to-face / presential to virtual. Education was reinvented.  New opportunities were created. Even online courses have been developed in a variety of subjects such as cooking (traditional, vegetarian, vegan), fitness, photography, psychology, marketing, just to give a sample among many topics.

Services such as medicine and health have reinvented themselves and developed teleconsultation services, telemedicine, counseling, and psychological evaluations remotely. 

Some people even saw the opportunity to venture into virtual business, entering the e-commerce and digital world. The world moved to a digital marketplace!  Many companies had to enter the digital world. 

People started looking for information and training online to learn how to develop their websites and social networks to create digital content to promote their micro or small businesses, products, and services.  They started to interact with applications such as WhatsApp and use them as business and communication tools with their customers.  They started to rely more on email, and without much planning, they entered the world of “e-commerce”.

We started to see the online world as our business or part of our profession. We started to learn about social networks, to get interested in the concept of digital marketing and search engines.  We started posting on social networks and promoting our products and services.  Some have gone further, creating blogs, and entering the market of podcasts and vlogs.  In short, for the entrepreneur, everything has changed.  There are new opportunities.   It is the time to take ownership of our careers and businesses.  We do not want to depend on others or on circumstances.  We do not sit idly by and wait for times to change. We move to innovate and emerge stronger.

Within the crisis, opportunity arose!  Those who wanted to start a business and had procrastinated for a long time, now began to start a business, either out of necessity or because they identified an opportunity from home to realize their dreams. 

Thanks to the pandemic, we reinvented ourselves.  We gained new knowledge and developed new skills.  We thought “outside the box”. We began to do things differently and new opportunities were created. 

Human creativity and innovation exceeded expectations!


Eileen Ruiz, PhD, MBA

President – Biobusiness Research

¡El mundo se reinventó…es el momento para los emprendedores!

La pandemia por el Covid-19 ha cambiado el mundo y la forma de hacer negocios.  Nos ha obligado a mantener un distanciamiento físico. Las personas dejaron de reunirse… dejaron de asistir a lugares públicos evitando tener contacto directo con otras personas. 

Al comienzo de la pandemia, por un momento, hubo una pausa a nivel global. Se detuvo la educación (o al menos, el asistir a los centros educativos), los negocios, el comercio, la forma de hacer negocios. 

Pronto nos dimos cuenta de nuestra nueva realidad.  Entendimos que no podíamos detener nuestro caminar. El mundo seguía su movimiento.  No quedaba otra más que innovar y reinventarnos.

Comenzamos a familiarizarnos con nuevos términos y prácticas, como, por ejemplo, trabajo remoto, virtual, y compras en línea.

El mercado de la educación, adiestramientos y seminarios cambiaron de una modalidad presencial a una virtual. La educación se reinventó.  Se crearon nuevas oportunidades. Incluso, se han desarrollado cursos online en diversidad de temas como cocina (tradicional, vegetariana, vegana), entrenamiento físico, fotografía, psicología, mercadeo, por solo dar una muestra entre muchos temas.

Servicios como la medicina y salud se reinventaron y desarrollaron servicios de teleconsulta, telemedicina, consejerías y evaluaciones psicológicas de manera remota. 

Incluso, algunas personas vieron la oportunidad de incursionar en negocios virtuales, entrando en el comercio electrónico (e-commerce) y mundo digital. ¡El mundo se movió a un mercado digital!  Muchas empresas tuvieron que entrar al mundo digital. 

Las personas comenzaron a buscar información y adiestrarse en línea para conocer cómo desarrollar sus páginas web y redes sociales para crear contenido digital con el propósito de dar a conocer sus micro o pequeños negocios, productos y servicios.  Comenzaron a interactuar con aplicaciones como WhatsApp y utilizarlas como herramientas de negocios y comunicación con sus clientes.  Se empezó a depender más del correo electrónico, y sin mucha planificación, entraron en el mundo del “e-commerce”.

De momento empezamos a ver el mundo online como nuestro negocio o parte de nuestra profesión. Empezamos a conocer de redes sociales, a interesarnos por el concepto de mercadeo digital y motores de búsqueda.  Comenzamos a publicar en las redes sociales y promocionar nuestros productos y servicios.  Algunos han ido mas allá, creando blogs y entrando en el mercado de los podcasts y vlogs.  En fin, para el emprendedor, todo ha cambiado.  Hay nuevas oportunidades.   Es la oportunidad de adueñarnos de nuestras carreras y negocios.  No queremos depender de otros o de las circunstancias.  No nos quedamos con los brazos cruzados esperando a que los tiempos cambien. Nos movemos a la innovación y salimos más fuertes.

¡Dentro de la crisis, surgió la oportunidad!  Aquellos que querían emprender con un negocio y lo habían procrastinado por mucho tiempo, ahora comenzaron a emprender, ya sea por necesidad o por identificar una oportunidad desde su hogar para poder realizar sus sueños. 

Gracias a la pandemia nos reinventamos.  Obtuvimos nuevos conocimientos, desarrollamos nuevas destrezas.  Pensamos “fuera de la caja”. Comenzamos a hacer las cosas diferentes y se crearon nuevas oportunidades. 

¡La creatividad e innovación del ser humano excedieron las expectativas!


Eileen Ruiz, PhD, MBA

Presidente – Biobusiness Research

¿Qué destrezas, habilidades y conocimientos podemos adquirir para iniciar un negocio?

Estás interesada o interesado en iniciar un negocio, o ya tienes un startup y quieres hacer crecer tu negocio.  

Muchos empresarios comienzan su negocio en casa.  Otros pueden  comenzar  por  alquilar  un espacio comercial.    Si no tienes los recursos financieros, puedes considerar comenzar en tu casa.  Es un buen momento para empezar un negocio en el hogar. Con lo que hemos pasado y aprendido desde la pandemia, estamos familiarizados con el término trabajo desde casa o trabajo a distancia.  Hemos aprendido a trabajar, enseñar, estudiar y tener reuniones en casa.  Por lo tanto, ¿por qué no pensar en iniciar un negocio en casa?

Te interesa ser dueño de un negocio. Quieres  comenzar tu viaje de emprendimiento. Entrepreneurship o emprendimiento está asociado al desarrollo y gestión de una actividad empresarial para obtener ganancias al tomar riesgos. En otras palabras, ¡es la voluntad y el esfuerzo para iniciar un nuevo negocio! Tiene sus riesgos, inviertes recursos, tiempo y esfuerzo para lograr una meta.

Una pregunta que muchas personas hacen en los motores de búsqueda es “¿Cómo iniciar un negocio?”.  Puedes investigar en páginas de búsqueda comunes, como Google, y en la página web de la Administración de Pequeños Negocios (SBA) (  También puedes obtener asesoramiento a través de incubadoras de negocios, centros de negocios, libros, consultores de negocios o mentores.

  • Pregúntate por qué quieres empezar un negocio.  Cada persona tiene diferentes motivaciones.  Puede ser generar ingresos para vivir, conseguir dinero extra, libertad, ser tu propio jefe, resolver un problema, oportunidad de mercado, un hobby o pasatiempo, conocer gente, necesidades sociales, entre otros.
  • Identifica cuáles son tus áreas de conocimientos, destrezas y habilidades actuales. 
  • ¿En qué área tienes experiencia? 
  • ¿Qué te interesa? ¿Qué área es tu pasión o motivación?
  • ¿Qué producto o servicio deseas ofrecer?

Es importante identificar, aprender y desarrollar los conocimientos, destrezas y habilidades que contribuirán al éxito de tu empresa.

  • Evalúa tus conocimientos, habilidades y fortalezas.
  • ¿Qué puedes ofrecer al negocio?
  • ¿Qué áreas, conocimientos y habilidades necesitas desarrollar?

Algunos conocimientos y habilidades que te ayudarán en este viaje empresarial incluyen el entender los conceptos básicos de los negocios. Te ayudará conocer los fundamentos de un plan de negocio y plan de mercadeo, redes sociales, creación y diseño de sitios web, optimización de sitios web y rendimiento o medición de indicadores claves de desempeño (KPI) en tus esfuerzos de mercadeo. 

Explicaremos algunos de estos conceptos en futuras publicaciones.

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What skills and knowledge you need to start a business?

You are interested to start business, or you already have a startup and wants to grow your business.   

Many entrepreneurs start their business at home.  Others may start by leasing a commercial space.  If you do not have the financial resources, you should consider starting at home.  It is a good moment to start a business at home. After what we have been through since the pandemic, we are familiar with the terms Work from home or working remote.  We have learned to work, teach, study, and have meetings at home.  Therefore, why not thinking in start a business at home?

Well, you want to be a business owner. You want to start your entrepreneurship journey.   Entrepreneurship is associated to developing and managing a business venture to gain profit by taking risks.  In other words, it is the willingness and effort to start a new business!

“How to start a business?” is a question many people ask in search engines.  You can investigate in common search engines such as Google and Small Business Administration (SBA) web page (  You can also get advice through business incubators, business centers, books, business consultants or mentors.

  • Ask yourself why you want to start a business.  People have different motivations.  It can be making it for living, get extra money, freedom, being your own boss, solve a problem, market opportunity, a hobby, meet people, social needs, among others.
  • Identify what are your current knowledge and skills. 
  • Which area do you have expertise? 
  • What do you enjoy? Which area are your passion or motivation?
  • What product or service you want to offer?

It is important to identify, learn and develop the skills that will contribute to your business venture success.

  • Evaluate your knowledge, skills, and strengths. 
  • What can you offer to the business?
  • What areas, knowledge, and skills you need to develop?

Some knowledge and skills that will help you on this entrepreneur journey include to understand the basics of business.  It will help to learn the fundamentals of a business plan, marketing plan, social media, web site creation and design, website optimization and marketing performance or key performance indicators (KPI) measurement. 

We will explain some of these concepts in future posts.

Know Biobusiness Research

Hello and Welcome! Greetings and welcome to this podcast series “Understanding the Biomedical Industry” presented by Biobusiness Research! Let’s introduce Biobusiness Research!

On behalf of the Biobusiness Research team, and its founder, Doctor Eileen Ruiz, we welcome you!

What is Biobusiness Research?

Biobusiness Research is an organization focused on promoting knowledge in topics related to entrepreneurship and the biomedical industries. Within the biomedical sector, we want to present you with career alternatives and be familiar with the areas of knowledge that are of value in the labor market. We are a group of professionals from the academia and industry, who want to share our knowledge and experience, to help you be better informed about trends in the market.

At Biobusiness Research, we want to provide basic tools and knowledge on various topics related to the biomedical industry. We recognize that acquiring advanced technical knowledge in science and technology areas is often not as accessible to the community, hence the Biobusiness Research initiative arises: to promote knowledge in an accessible way.

Biobusiness Research has the collaboration of staff with academic and industry experience. Our facilitators have experience in both industry and academia, so they can understand the current practices that add value in the labor market and pass on knowledge to the general community. Follow us on this initiative, through our podcast, focused on issues that are of value in the biomedical industry.

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Knowledge is power! At Biobusiness Research, we promote learning!

Introduction to the Biomedical Industry

The Biomedical Industry. The following article and podcast presents an introduction to the biomedical industry, specifically the manufacturing of medical products. An introduction to the regulatory environment in which these organizations operate is presented. The concept of regulatory compliance, quality systems, ISO international quality standard, and regulatory consequences of not complying with FDA requirements are presented.

The following is the podcast for this article.

Emprendiendo – Episodio #001

Quiero establecer un negocio…. ¿Como lo hago?

¿Estás pensando en establecer un pequeño negocio? ¿Quieres hacer algo diferente o adicional a tu trabajo actual?

Cada día vemos mas personas interesadas en establecer un pequeño negocio o microempresa. Las razones son diversas.  Algunas personas interesan obtener dinero adicional, ya sea para cubrir gastos extraordinarios, realizar viajes, comprar artículos no esenciales o de entretenimiento, electrónicos, darse gustos, etcétera, etcétera.   O simplemente quieren salir de su rutina y entretenerse realizando algo diferente.

Este es el tiempo en la que vemos cada vez más personas emprendedoras. Pueden estar interesadas en obtener su fuente de ingreso principal, o simplemente interesan un pasatiempo, conocer personas y entrar en el mundo de los negocios.

Encontramos profesionales que poseen un talento y quieren sacarle valor.  Laboran 8 horas (¡o más!) en su trabajo principal y en su tiempo libre diseñan o venden ropa, les interesa la decoración de hogares, hacen prendas, artesanías, confeccionan alimentos, proveen servicios, en fin, hay un sin numero de oportunidades para emprendedores.

Estamos en tiempos donde tenemos acceso a la información fácilmente.  Si tenemos alguna duda, o queremos conocer algún tema podemos acceder a nuestro teléfono, tablet o computadora para la búsqueda de información. Son los tiempos idóneos para los emprendedores.  Hoy en día, crear una tienda es mas sencillo que antes.  Incluso, por medio de la internet o el comercio electrónico, tenemos la oportunidad de establecer una tienda virtual sin necesidad de grandes inversiones de dinero.

Muchos de nosotros no tenemos una preparación formal en negocios, pequeñas empresas o microempresas.  Nos motiva el querer emprender y vamos aprendiendo sobre la marcha. En próximos posts estaremos enfocándonos en ese personal que se considera emprendedor e interesa obtener conocimientos y herramientas para sacar su negocio hacia adelante.





Careers in the Biomedical Industry – # 001

Working in the Medical Products Manufacturing Industry 

 Welcome to the series Careers in the Biomedical Industry, specifically, in the medical products manufacturing industry.

This series is focused on the personnel with a background in the areas of science and technology. These areas focus mostly on the scientific, technical and laboratory aspects, however, there are topics, concepts, areas of knowledge and skills that are needed in the labor market in the industry. There are careers whose job titles are very different from what we know from college.  Positions such as validation specialists, CAPA specialists, QA specialist, among others.

For example, an important area in the industry that it is convenient to learn is the CAPA system.   When a failure or deviation occurs, an investigation is required to determine the root cause.   Once the cause of the failure or problem is identified, an action plan must be established to correct and prevent from happening again.  All of this must be documented because is required by law, regulations and international quality standards.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expects this to happen. When FDA inspect a facility, many times the first thing to require is the list of Non-Conformities and CAPA. This investigation should be well robust and documented within a defined time.  In the medical product manufacturing industry, there are trained personnel dedicated to conduct these failure investigations or working in the CAPA area.

In the next capsules we will be discussing some of these functional areas in which you   can work, so that you understand the position and have a general knowledge of the roles.

If you are preparing for a job interview and you have no experience in the industry, at least know and understand the terminology that is used day by day.

For example, is recommended that you know what CAPA is, corrective and preventive actions, know some of the tools to investigate failures, and the Root Cause Analysis.

These are some examples of terms you will be listening no matter what type of industry you go to: pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotechnology, or food.

You’re probably a student interested in learning about the industry.  You’re deciding what you’re going to do in your future and where to look for work, or you just want to complement the knowledge in your area.

It is convenient that as you learn these e keywords, think of previous experiences, whether job related or academic, at university, and identify how you can demonstrate in a job interview, that you possess those skills.   For example, that you can conduct a failure or nonconformance investigation, establish a corrective and preventive action plan.

You have academic experience… you have the knowledge and experience!  It’s important that even if you don’t have a lot of work experience, you show that you have the knowledge and know how to apply it.

You have the knowledge, understand the logic, background and requirements. Show that you are willing and passionate to learn.  Document that experience and knowledge in your resume and demonstrate it in the job interview.

At Biobusiness Research we share knowledge.

Join us in this series of informative capsules that we will be publishing led by Dr. Eileen Ruiz, founder of Biobusiness Research.

Careers in the Biomedical Industry – Episode #001: