Biobusiness Research – Promote bioscience, business and biomedical industry knowledge and skills

Biobusiness Research is a knowledge sharing organization. Our mission is to promote bioscience, business and biomedical industry knowledge and skills to support individual and community competitiveness.

Our mission drive us to:

  • Establish a learning, casual, environment where people are free to learn and share best practices.
  • Support bio entrepreneurship, business and workforce development.
  • Improve individual and community competitiveness through the development of people (one by one).
  • Contribute to our community by developing our people’s talent and as a result, be competitive in the market.

Our core values: Growth | Learn | Development | Networking | Share knowledge

We offer valuable content through: Workshops Online Courses, Webinars and Publications.

Our goal is to help those individuals with a science and technology background to develop job related knowledge and skills that are valued in the workforce.

We want to help you be more competitive for the life science workforce.

Our day to day activities are focused to:

  • Promote life sciences and biotechnology knowledge
  • Provide business and industry knowledge and skills to the science and technology personnel
  • Promote talent development

We are established in Puerto Rico, and now will be serving Florida and New York. Follow us on our social networks to receive our contents and information posts.


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