Careers in the Biomedical Industry – # 001

Working in the Medical Products Manufacturing Industry 

 Welcome to the series Careers in the Biomedical Industry, specifically, in the medical products manufacturing industry.

This series is focused on the personnel with a background in the areas of science and technology. These areas focus mostly on the scientific, technical and laboratory aspects, however, there are topics, concepts, areas of knowledge and skills that are needed in the labor market in the industry. There are careers whose job titles are very different from what we know from college.  Positions such as validation specialists, CAPA specialists, QA specialist, among others.

For example, an important area in the industry that it is convenient to learn is the CAPA system.   When a failure or deviation occurs, an investigation is required to determine the root cause.   Once the cause of the failure or problem is identified, an action plan must be established to correct and prevent from happening again.  All of this must be documented because is required by law, regulations and international quality standards.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) expects this to happen. When FDA inspect a facility, many times the first thing to require is the list of Non-Conformities and CAPA. This investigation should be well robust and documented within a defined time.  In the medical product manufacturing industry, there are trained personnel dedicated to conduct these failure investigations or working in the CAPA area.

In the next capsules we will be discussing some of these functional areas in which you   can work, so that you understand the position and have a general knowledge of the roles.

If you are preparing for a job interview and you have no experience in the industry, at least know and understand the terminology that is used day by day.

For example, is recommended that you know what CAPA is, corrective and preventive actions, know some of the tools to investigate failures, and the Root Cause Analysis.

These are some examples of terms you will be listening no matter what type of industry you go to: pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotechnology, or food.

You’re probably a student interested in learning about the industry.  You’re deciding what you’re going to do in your future and where to look for work, or you just want to complement the knowledge in your area.

It is convenient that as you learn these e keywords, think of previous experiences, whether job related or academic, at university, and identify how you can demonstrate in a job interview, that you possess those skills.   For example, that you can conduct a failure or nonconformance investigation, establish a corrective and preventive action plan.

You have academic experience… you have the knowledge and experience!  It’s important that even if you don’t have a lot of work experience, you show that you have the knowledge and know how to apply it.

You have the knowledge, understand the logic, background and requirements. Show that you are willing and passionate to learn.  Document that experience and knowledge in your resume and demonstrate it in the job interview.

At Biobusiness Research we share knowledge.

Join us in this series of informative capsules that we will be publishing led by Dr. Eileen Ruiz, founder of Biobusiness Research.

Careers in the Biomedical Industry – Episode #001:



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