Know Biobusiness Research

Hello and Welcome! Greetings and welcome to this podcast series “Understanding the Biomedical Industry” presented by Biobusiness Research! Let’s introduce Biobusiness Research!

On behalf of the Biobusiness Research team, and its founder, Doctor Eileen Ruiz, we welcome you!

What is Biobusiness Research?

Biobusiness Research is an organization focused on promoting knowledge in topics related to entrepreneurship and the biomedical industries. Within the biomedical sector, we want to present you with career alternatives and be familiar with the areas of knowledge that are of value in the labor market. We are a group of professionals from the academia and industry, who want to share our knowledge and experience, to help you be better informed about trends in the market.

At Biobusiness Research, we want to provide basic tools and knowledge on various topics related to the biomedical industry. We recognize that acquiring advanced technical knowledge in science and technology areas is often not as accessible to the community, hence the Biobusiness Research initiative arises: to promote knowledge in an accessible way.

Biobusiness Research has the collaboration of staff with academic and industry experience. Our facilitators have experience in both industry and academia, so they can understand the current practices that add value in the labor market and pass on knowledge to the general community. Follow us on this initiative, through our podcast, focused on issues that are of value in the biomedical industry.

Join us in the next few episodes with informative capsules! You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin (@biobusinessresearch).  Also, you can follow us on Twitter (@BiobizResearch)

Knowledge is power! At Biobusiness Research, we promote learning!

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