What is Autism?

April 2, 2022 was recognized as the world autism awareness international day. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disease highly prevalent in recent years.  It is named as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  An individual may present different spectrum of symptoms and levels of severity. The disorder is characterized by symptoms such as, communication, and social interaction impairment, … Continue reading What is Autism?

The Life Sciences Industry

The Life Sciences Industry This time of year, many life sciences and engineering graduates are looking for options to start a career.  Many students, recent graduates or entry levels are exploring the life sciences sector for their professional development or start their career path.  The life sciences and/or biomedical industry represents sectors such as the … Continue reading The Life Sciences Industry

The world has reinvented…it’s time for entrepreneurs!

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world and the way we do business.  It has forced us to maintain a physical distance. People stopped meeting... they stopped going to public places and avoiding direct contact with other people.  At the beginning of the pandemic, for a moment, there was a global pause. Education (or at … Continue reading The world has reinvented…it’s time for entrepreneurs!

¡El mundo se reinventó…es el momento para los emprendedores!

La pandemia por el Covid-19 ha cambiado el mundo y la forma de hacer negocios.  Nos ha obligado a mantener un distanciamiento físico. Las personas dejaron de reunirse… dejaron de asistir a lugares públicos evitando tener contacto directo con otras personas.  Al comienzo de la pandemia, por un momento, hubo una pausa a nivel global. … Continue reading ¡El mundo se reinventó…es el momento para los emprendedores!

¿Qué destrezas, habilidades y conocimientos podemos adquirir para iniciar un negocio?

Estás interesada o interesado en iniciar un negocio, o ya tienes un startup y quieres hacer crecer tu negocio.   Muchos empresarios comienzan su negocio en casa.  Otros pueden  comenzar  por  alquilar  un espacio comercial.    Si no tienes los recursos financieros, puedes considerar comenzar en tu casa.  Es un buen momento para empezar un negocio en … Continue reading ¿Qué destrezas, habilidades y conocimientos podemos adquirir para iniciar un negocio?

What skills and knowledge you need to start a business?

You are interested to start business, or you already have a startup and wants to grow your business.    Many entrepreneurs start their business at home.  Others may start by leasing a commercial space.  If you do not have the financial resources, you should consider starting at home.  It is a good moment to start … Continue reading What skills and knowledge you need to start a business?

Know Biobusiness Research

Hello and Welcome! Greetings and welcome to this podcast series "Understanding the Biomedical Industry" presented by Biobusiness Research! Let's introduce Biobusiness Research! On behalf of the Biobusiness Research team, and its founder, Doctor Eileen Ruiz, we welcome you! What is Biobusiness Research? Biobusiness Research is an organization focused on promoting knowledge in topics related to … Continue reading Know Biobusiness Research

Introduction to the Biomedical Industry

The Biomedical Industry. The following article and podcast presents an introduction to the biomedical industry, specifically the manufacturing of medical products. An introduction to the regulatory environment in which these organizations operate is presented. The concept of regulatory compliance, quality systems, ISO international quality standard, and regulatory consequences of not complying with FDA requirements are … Continue reading Introduction to the Biomedical Industry

Emprendiendo – Episodio #001

Quiero establecer un negocio…. ¿Como lo hago? ¿Estás pensando en establecer un pequeño negocio? ¿Quieres hacer algo diferente o adicional a tu trabajo actual? Cada día vemos mas personas interesadas en establecer un pequeño negocio o microempresa. Las razones son diversas.  Algunas personas interesan obtener dinero adicional, ya sea para cubrir gastos extraordinarios, realizar viajes, … Continue reading Emprendiendo – Episodio #001