What is Autism?

April 2, 2022 was recognized as the world autism awareness international day. Autism is a neurodevelopmental disease highly prevalent in recent years.  It is named as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  An individual may present different spectrum of symptoms and levels of severity. The disorder is characterized by symptoms such as, communication, and social interaction impairment, … Continue reading What is Autism?

The Life Sciences Industry

This time of year, many life sciences and engineering graduates are looking for options to start a career.  Many students, recent graduates or entry levels are exploring the life sciences sector for their professional development or start their career path.  The life sciences and/or biomedical industry represents sectors such as the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and … Continue reading The Life Sciences Industry

Entrepreneurship journey

Welcome to this blog series focused on people starting their entrepreneurship journey! I will be sharing the knowledge obtain through this entrepreneurship day to day journey.  Follow us on this journey. Let’s get to know some basic concepts that can help us in our goal. Step by Step! Bienvenidos a este blog dirigido a individuos … Continue reading Entrepreneurship journey