The Life Sciences Industry

The Life Sciences Industry

This time of year, many life sciences and engineering graduates are looking for options to start a career.  Many students, recent graduates or entry levels are exploring the life sciences sector for their professional development or start their career path.  The life sciences and/or biomedical industry represents sectors such as the pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and biotechnology manufacturers.

The life sciences and biomedical industry is based on the application of knowledge in the development of innovative products for the prevention and treatment of health conditions.

It is an interdisciplinary industry with the interaction of different branches of sciences such as biology, medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, microbiology, biotechnology, and pharmacology among other fields.

Sciences and engineering knowledge are integrated to develop innovative products.   Several multinational companies are engaged in research, development, manufacturing, and commercialization of products focused on the prevention and treatment of diseases. The life sciences / biomedical industry is driven by education, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

It is composed of different sectors which includes research facilities, universities, hospitals, medical schools, biomedical researchers, pharmaceuticals and medical devices manufacturers, biotechnology companies, testing laboratories and others interested in obtaining knowledge and develop applications. Research is actively conducted to search and develop new products and technologies that can be used to cure, treat, protect, and improve health.

The sector is widely distributed in the United States and around the world. The biomedical industry plays an important role as an economic engine in many states and countries. Individuals working in this sector have the satisfaction of being able to support and contribute to the global health and welfare. We are in a global market. The products manufactured are distributed to different parts of the world.  Even the services provided can be extended globally.

The Life Sciences Industry Workforce:

This industry employs highly educated and trained workers. Personnel with different backgrounds and areas of expertise work together to achieve common objectives, goals, and metrics.  You need to be a team player to survive on this environment. A teamwork approach is required for the success of individuals and the organization.

Professionals with a wide range of experience works in the sector, such as, for example, laboratory technicians, microbiologists, chemists, biotechnologists, scientists, and engineers. Individuals with a background in business and management can explore opportunities in finance, operations, supply chain and sales.

The average salary of the personnel working in this industry tends to be relatively higher than in other industries due to the highly specialized training and skills required. People working in this sector are continuously trained in topics related to the sciences and technology associated to their products, quality and regulatory aspects, process improvement methodologies, and project management, among other subjects required for a high-performance execution.

It is a complex industry in terms of product diversity, technologies, therapies, customers, requirements, and regulations. This industry is based on the development and use of biomedical knowledge, engineering, discoveries, and scientific innovation. The workforce actively searches to understand how to use the knowledge and discoveries to create products that can improve health, develop new technologies and improve existing ones.

Like any global company, Organizations seek to be the first to bring a product to the market, to expand their scope, product portfolio, and return on investment to their shareholders, and simultaneously, improve health and quality of life.

This is performed in compliance with regulations and the highest quality standards.

It is a highly challenging, focused on the talent and development of their personnel.  Therefore, if you are motivated by the challenges, continuous learning, add value, striving to the excellence and contribute to the global healthcare, this industry is a career option for you.

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